My Journey to Fawn Lake

I was born and raised in Michigan (surrounded by a lot of lakes). I met my wife at Spring Arbor University where we both attended and graduated. We got married in 2008 and moved to Fredericksburg to start our married journey together.

I taught High School Bible and Coached Varsity Soccer at Fredericksburg Christian School from 2008-2011. I then transitioned to become the Student and Connections Minister at River Club Church from 2011-2015.

In 2016 I went full time into real estate at INK Homes + Lifestyle and I sold 37 homes in my first year! In 2017 I sold 43 homes. In 2018 I sold 45 homes. In 2019 I sold 43 homes. In 2020 I sold 50 homes. In 2021 I sold 56 homes! I am humbled and honored to be considered one of the top real estate agents in the Fredericksburg Area!

My wife and I have 3 boys. Zane is 10 years old, Ezekiel is 8 years old, and Judah is 5 years old. We moved into Fawn Lake in May of 2017. Fawn Lake’s amenities and lifestyle really appealed to us and drew us in but what I quickly realized is that it is the people in this community that makes this place so special. You will not find a greater group of friends and community to enjoy all of the Fawn Lake Life fun with! There is not a greater place to experience family and friendship with than right here in Fawn Lake!

My family and I would like to welcome you to the Fawn Lake Life where you can experience memories that will last a lifetime!


A place where you can create memories and enjoy moments that will last a life’s time!



Live the life you’ve always dreamed of